651 5th Ave S Naples, FL 34102
L'Olivo Ristorante
L'Olivo Ristorante Naples, FL
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Ristorante Naples
Ristorante Naples, FL

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About L'olivo Restaurant

Our Ristorante and Full Bar is located in the heart of 5th Avenue South of Naples.

L’Olivo Ristorante was founded by people who love the simple pleasures of life, and we continue to build on our 30 years of experience to push our food, service, and ambiance to the next level. Located centrally on 5th Avenue in Naples, our il Giardino (Little Garden) simultaneously creates an intimate dining experience while keeping you connected with this beautiful, historical part of town. Our wrap-around bar gives you the freedom to find the perfect spot to enjoy a delicious drink and savor the good things in life. We can’t wait to become your go-to spot whether you’re on a date, enjoying a meal with friends after work, or hosting a party.

L’Olivo Ristorante is a family-owned operation, and we’re dedicated to sourcing each dish locally to keep everything fresh and interesting. We want you to feel like you’re getting a homemade meal within the embrace of a welcoming community. We’re also strong believers that delicious, healthy food can be affordable, which is just another reason why you should make L’Olivo Ristorante your home for all the delicious things in life. Visit us and dig in today!

We are having also Gluten Free and Vegan food so please contact us for more info!

Ristorante Naples, FL
L'Olivo Ristorante Naples, FL
L'Olivo Ristorante

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